Mooresville Building

Mooresville BuildingPreparing for the Future

As we prepare to celebrate 35 years of serving Morgan County families in need from our 27 S. Indiana St. location, we at Churches in Mission also know that it’s time to seek a new space to serve northern Morgan County.
The original space we occupied, the addition of the warehouse in the back, and the multiple reconfigurations of space in our current facility helped us grow to meet many needs. Through the pandemic, we were able to re-set operations, expand offerings, and increase food distribution with additional shelving, re-wiring, new industrial refrigerators and freezers, and finding as many ways as possible to tightly pack goods and services.
While we are truly blessed and thankful for our current location, we know that current facility limitations are keeping us from being the best stewards of our mission. To improve service our clients and community, we need better access for food delivery and disbursement operations as well as a site which can encompass the classes which help our families move forward. All operations would move to a new location and the old location would be sold.
We need our community’s help as we search for a lot or lot and building to serve our future needs and the funding to make this a reality. The ideal location would be at least two acres in Mooresville town limits, include space for a building of at least 8,500 square feet, parking for 40+ vehicles, turn-around and unloading/dock space for large trucks, and an area for multiple cars to form a drive-through line.
Anyone with a potential site or in need of additional information should contact the Mooresville Churches in Mission at 317-831-3987 or

February 2022 NewsletterFebruary 2022 Newsletter

We’re excited to share Churches in Mission’s 2021 impacts and news about our ongoing work to help Morgan County families in need. Thank you for being part of our mission! Read more in our February 2022 Newsletter

2021 Community Impacts

Throughout 2021, Morgan County families in need were able to count on Churches in Mission to assist with basic needs as well as provide educational opportunities. With all assistance categories included, 1,578 households with 5,225 family members received 8,597 acts of assistance through Churches in Mission in 2021.

Our mission is to provide for the basic needs of individuals and families who face tough financial circumstances. We prepare those we serve to enjoy healthy lifestyles, meaningful pursuits, and promising futures.

Read through our 2021 Community Impacts to learn more about our work and how you can be part of our mission.

Preparing for Christmas

Each year, as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, we are blessed to help our clients at Christmas. This assistance is coordinated with churches, agencies, and families from across Morgan County and beyond to serve our neighbors in need.

Christmas tree photoMany families are sponsored by local churches, businesses, and families. To learn more about sponsoring, please visit our Sponsoring a Family Information Sheet. Those who are not sponsored by Dec. 1 will be invited to visit the Churches in Mission Christmas Shops in Mooresville and Martinsville. The shop experience includes gifts and clothing for children, the makings of a Christmas dinner, and a useful household gift for the family.

Items needed most for our Christmas Shop at this time include:

  • Clothing for Children and Teens, for boys and girls sizes 6-18 as well as men’s sizes S-XL
  • Pajamas for Children and Teens, for boys and girls sizes 6-18
  • Family Games & Puzzles for all ages – board games as well as card games (please note we already received a large supply of Candyland games)
  • Gifts for Teen Boys – Axe & other cologne sets, dart boards, basketballs, footballs, camping gear, small electronics, etc.
  • Bath towels and full-sized blankets for our household gifts.

Other ways to help include:

Contact us to learn more.

The 2020 Experience

The 2020 experience changed families’ lives in many ways. At Churches in Mission, we’re proud to say that we were able to remain open all year, despite the pandemic, despite food shortages, despite a tornado and weeklong power outage at our Mooresville location, and despite the many lesser challenges that occurred. Changing our format to drive-through assistance, providing proxy food deliveries to the homebound, and increasing cleaning and hygiene protocol throughout our buildings became the norm for us in 2020.


While 2021 opened with many of the same issues, we look forward to increasing our in-person classes and interactions with our families. We strive to help our families better their situations as best we can. And most of all, we thank the volunteers, partners, and donors who helped get us this far. We could not do it without you.

Nov 21 NewsletterNovember 2021 Newsletter

We are so thankful at Churches in Mission for the churches, businesses, civic groups, and neighbors who have helped us share blessings throughout 2021. Even before the holiday rush, we’ve completed more than 6,200 acts of assistance with food, clothing, and basic needs, helping more than 4,000 people in 1,200 households. Read more in our November 2021 Newsletter.