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Churches in Mission continues to provide the necessities for daily living to the people of Morgan County who struggle with the challenges of poverty while sharing our love of Jesus Christ.

In the process, it has brought churches, businesses and communities together as we all work for the good of our neighbors.

Almost 90 percent of the households Churches in Mission serves live at poverty level or under, and 55 percent of those live at less than half of poverty. Yet, while families can get assistance with food and clothing each month, most come fewer than four times a year.

These bits of help make sure children can have a decent meal – some proper nutrition to get them through the week – that they have enough clothes to wear to school without repeating an outfit within the week, and have electricity to keep them warm. It means the elderly in the community can afford both food and medication and those sleeping under the bridges can get warm blankets and some nourishment.


Households Served

Churches in Mission provided services to 1,926 Morgan County households in 2020, many receiving services multiple times for a total number of 12,385 acts of assistance!


Individuals Served

In 2020, nearly 2,700 children were served with food, clothing, Christmas assistance and more! Through our Charity Tracker network, we coordinate with agencies across Morgan County to maximize our resources.


Cents Per Person

It costs an average of $0.93 per person per week to provide food assistance. We provide fresh and nonperishable food items to our families up to twice per month.